Water Ski School

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McClintock’s Ski School offers lessons for all your towed water sports needs. Specializing in water ski lessons, we are proud of our 99% success rate with beginners. With a full team of well respected coaches, we offer water ski lessons from beginners through World Champion competitors. We also offer introductory lessons in wakeboarding, wake skating and wake surfing during select times.

With our three slalom courses around the lake, we almost always have perfect ski conditions!


Click HERE for our hours of operation and seasonal dates.


To book your lesson, please email waterski@mcclintocks.com or call (519) 658-9661Note: Phones will only be answered from 9:00 am till 5:00pm.



I have never skied before. What can I expect when I come out for my first lesson?

During a beginner lesson you will start with some dry land instruction to get comfortable with what to expect once you are out in the boat and getting into the water. Once your instructor feels you are ready to begin you will go out one-on-one for your private lesson. You will begin on a bar called a ‘boom’ that hangs out the side of the boat. Starting on the boom keeps you close to the instructor allowing them to talk you through finding the perfect skier position, it also gives you more control to build your comfort on top of the water.  Once you have gotten up a couple times using the boom you will progress to a handle which is hanging off the boom so that you can learn how to get up using a rope. Finally, once you have gotten up a few times on this short line, you will be moved to the back of the boat where we will have you up and having fun!

Are all lessons private?

     Yes! We always want you to feel as comfortable as possible, and therefore only members of your group will be present in the boat.  If you are participating alone we will have an additional staff member ride as a spotter for safety.

Can my family or friends ride in the boat while I ski?

We always welcome anyone who you feel comfortable with watching you ride! Our boats can accommodate 2 extra riders in the boat. Over this limit will not be allowed for safety and liability reasons. For children’s lessons we often notice that shy or scared kids learn better without parents or siblings in the boat with them. We will always customize this to your child’s needs and are happy to set them up for the greatest success on the water!

What if I don’t have my own equipment?

We are happy to offer full use of our equipment for all lessons. Included in our lessons are your skis or wakeboard, a rope and a life vest. Personal equipment such as bathing suits, wet suits, gloves or towels will not be provided down at the dock. Some items are available for purchase in our Pro Shop.

What can I expect from a lesson if I have skied before?

We are a full service ski school, and can help you with anything you are looking to improve to take your skiing to the next level. When you first come to the dock your instructor will chat with you about your ski history and what you are looking to improve on. From here we will take it pass by pass. You will be pulled down the lake, then drop in, and your instructor will instruct you on what to focus on next to improve your performance. This process will repeat at each end of the lake, ensuring that you get the absolute most out of your time on the water.

What if I don’t want any instruction?

You are more than welcome to opt out of any instruction from our coaches. This will just ensure that you will have shorter break times at the end of each pass, and more time on the water. If you don’t need instruction and are interested in becoming a member, please see our Water Ski Club page.

Why are your lessons only 15 minutes?

After almost 40 years in the business we have learned that one thing is for sure… 15 minutes and your arms feel like they are about to fall off! We get asked this question more than anything else, as people have a misconception that lessons should be an hour long. Not only would it be unethical, as you would be paying a lot more money for time you wouldn’t be able to participate in, but it would be highly impossible to ski for an hour straight! It is common that recreational skiers have been pulled in the past around in circles for a great deal of time, but we prefer to utilize that time on the water teaching you how to become the best you can be.

What if I want a longer lesson?

We offer the option of 30 minute lessons ($120) for single riders or 60 minute lessons ($200) which can be split between up to three riders. All time must be used in the same set. Any time left remaining will not be refunded or credited towards another set.

Do I have to book my lessons in advance?

Yes. All lessons must be booked in advance by calling (519) 658-9661 or by booking online (coming soon!)

What is your cancellation policy?

A credit card will be required in order to book. If your lesson is cancelled up to 24 hrs before your scheduled lesson time your card will not be charged. If you cancel within the 24 hr period your card may be charged a cancellation fee. If you “no show” to your appointment you will be charged the full amount. Unfortunately we must have this cancellation policy in place as we book up fast.

What if the weather is bad on the day?

If the weather is bad, or there are circumstances beyond either of our control, we will be happy to reschedule you at no extra charge!

How old should my child be before their first lesson?

As a general rule of thumb we say that 5 years old is the perfect starting point for a child to learn. However, every child is unique, and we have taught children as young as 3 years old how to get up on the water. If your child is comfortable in water, knows how to swim (even if it’s just with a life jacket on) and is eager to learn they will do great! The most important thing with children is it has to be their decision to learn. If parents or siblings pressure them into it, they will almost always panic and quit.

What if my child panics and doesn’t want to get in the water?

Working with children is an ever-changing experience, and every child is different. In our decades of experience we have truly seen it all! There is nothing we understand more than fear of the water or learning something new. Sometimes the child just simply needs to be taken to a quiet area of the lake, away from spectators, where they can truly be with the instructor one-on-one and focused on the task at hand. Other times, they outright refuse to get in the water, kicking and screaming! Relax! We are happy to give you a credit to bring them back at another time! Our main goal always has been, and always will be, ensuring that everyone has fun and walks away smiling.

Am I too old to learn to ski?

Is your heart still beating? Can you stand up out of a chair with no assistance from your arms? Yes? Great! You can ski! You’re never too old to learn something new.

Do you offer summer programs?

Yes! Starting June 1st every year we begin running Monday to Friday ski weeks. During a ski week you will have the option of completing 2 lessons per day (half days) or 3 lessons per day (full days). This is a great option for those who are looking to perfect their skills in a short amount of time, or for parents who want their kids to get out and be active throughout the summer. It is very common that we have had participants learn to ski on Monday and running through the slalom course on Friday! Please go to the Rates page for information on pricing.

How many lessons until I know how to ski or wakeboard?

Everyone learns at a different pace. Typically within your first lesson you will learn how to get up on two skis and leave being fully confident in getting out of the water behind the boat. From there your progression is all just based on the amount of time between your lessons (like anything, the more often you do it the faster you will learn) as well as your desire to progress. Once you are comfortable on two skis we will happily teach you how to get up on one ski (slalom skiing) and from there the sky is the limit. For wakeboarding you will likely feel comfortable getting out of the water in the first lesson, and from there we will work on edge control and beginner tricks in your future lessons.

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Please note that we have only intermittent coverage during some competitions such as the Canadian Nationals. To ensure that staff are available for rides and lessons please email waterski@mcclintocks.com or call (519) 658-9661 to book your ski time. Note: Phones will only be answered from 9:00am till 5:00pm.


  •     1 Ski Nautique 200 equipped with Zero Off cruise control
  •     1 Ski Nautique 196 model equipped with Perfect Pass cruise control
  •     1 Ski Nautique 196 model equipped with Zero Off cruise control
  •     1 boom for beginners and specialized training
  •     3 regulation slalom courses
  •     1 regulation jump
  •     All necessary equipment provided (water skis, wakeboards, vests and ropes)


For skiers who like the convenience of on-site accommodations, McClintock’s offers semi-private rooms in our lakeside cottage. Amenities include A/C, a full service kitchen, and a lounge area with television for relaxing evenings.

Please note that accommodations and meals for skiers participating in our ski weeks are an additional charge.  Evening activities can be planned for those who would like to participate and local entertainment is available for all ages. Please call for availability and rates for accommodations and meal plans.